Login Problem on YouTube and How to Fix It

Login Problem on YouTube and How to Fix It

While the YouTube login problem is not an uncommon issue, it can be a real pain, especially for content creators who use this online video platform on a daily basis. If you are constantly experiencing this issue, you will find a number of solutions for any devices in the following paragraphs.

Kinds of YouTube Login Problem

When you are experiencing a sign in problem on YouTube, there are times when you seem to be utterly ignorant and have a number of little details taken for granted.

  1. Username and Password

This is an example of little details that often taken for granted by many people. You will be caught in a login problem when you place an incorrect e-mail address or password when you want to sign in to your account. In case you forget either of them, you simply need to select on “need help” button located at the bottom of the login box.

  1. Caps Lock

Here is another login problem you might have experienced when you sign in to your YouTube account on your PC. Be sure to always check your caps lock when you insert your password. It’s a minor detail that many people fail to notice that leads to input the incorrect password.

  1. Internet Connection

While you have free access to an internet service, its stability also needs to be taken into consideration. It will affect how you access particular website servers and other issues such as the YouTube sign in problem.

How to Fix YouTube Login Problem on Smartphones

YouTube login problem on smartphones can be caused by many different reasons, such as sign-in details, capitalization, and internet stability. However, there’s also the possibility of bugs that can be fixed with several solutions below.

  1. Reboot your phone

The easiest way to fix the sign-in issue is by rebooting your device. Simply press the power button and choose the “”shut down”” option.

  1. Clear cache

If you still experience a login problem, try to delete the YouTube app’s cache. Go to settings, select “apps,” locate the YouTube app, and choose “clear cache.”

  1. Update the app

Sometimes, an outdated app can lead to a login problem. Thus, the only way to fix it is to download the recent version of the app.

  1. Using email address

Some recommend using a complete email address rather than just inputting your YouTube username and password.

  1. Undo all changes

If you have just made some changes to your app setting, make sure to undo all the changes. It’s because an app or system updates and setting changes can often lead to many issues, such as a login issue that many people tend to not notice.

If you have tried using all the methods above to sign in to your YouTube account but still have no result, the best way you can do is to go to the recovery page. It means you need to use a Google account connected to your YouTube account to fix the login problem.